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Dope Dog by Dope Dog

Dope Dog, CBD Dropper Mobility, Salmon Flavored, Mobility & Joints, 1oz, 200mg CBD


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Promotes joint health and mobility. Non-psychoactive and safe for pets.
Promotes joint health and mobility. Non-psychoactive and safe for pets.
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Product Details


The Dope Dropper provides a simple and effective way to supplement with CBD. Wild Alaskan salmon oil base supports 200mg of CBD from hemp to support healthy joints and longevity. Drop directly into your dog’s mouth, or drop on food for a tasty topper.

30+ day supply


Active ingredient per 1ml dropper: 6.8mg of CBD from hemp extract

Other ingredients: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Key Features

Perfect for dogs who...

  • Struggle with anxiety
  • Experience nervousness
  • Need balance
Recommended Use

For dogs of all ages. Safe for daily use. Can be given with or without food.

1-25lbs 0.5 dropper/day

26-50lbs 1 dropper/day

51-75lbs 1.5 droppers/day

76-100lb 2 full droppers/day

*or up to every 6 hours as needed

Warning Information

Not for Human Consumption.

Keep out of reach of children.

In case of accidental overdose contact a health professional immediately.

Lab Test Report

Product FAQ's


How often can my pet enjoy Dope Dog?

We are dedicated to supporting a routine that works best for each pet. Many dogs do great with 2+ doses per day, and some only need it on specific occasions. The full effects may remain for up to 4-8 hours, depending on method of use and dosage. 


Is this health for my Dog?

Yes! Dogs are especially responsive cannabinoids as they have the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors in their brain and bodies compared to other animals, even humans! Our products are effective in bringing balance to pets suffering from a variety of ailments including separation anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, pain, mobility issues, cancer, end of life discomfort, epilepsy and more.


How does CBD Work?

All animals have an endocannabinoid system that helps maintain the physiological, neurological and immunological systems of the body. If an animal is lacking endocannabinoid production, the system’s multiple receptors will utilize the addition of cannabinoids to help create balance and provide support for relaxing, repairing and restoring. A daily supplement of hemp oil helps support this process


How much CBD should I give my dog?

You know your dog best! Observe before and after administration to determine optimal dose. Recommended starting dose is 1mg per every 10lbs of body weight.


Will CBD get my dog high?

Nope! Our products are 100% non-psychoactive and THC-free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Weve noticed a significant difference

My dog has been suffering with knee issues for a few months. We did not want to put him through surgery before trying natural remedies. We have noticed a difference since using this product

Missy our17 year old beagle mix

I'll try anything to make life more comfortable for our 17 year old beagle mix, she seems to have a little bit more energy and some of her spunk is back. So far so good with the product

Older Dog

My 60lb Aussiedoodle is 9 years old. In the last year he has severely started showing his age. He has arthritis, allergies, and just over all tiredness. We started using these drops a couple weeks ago now and they have really perked him up. His allergies are still pretty bad but he seems less anxious which helps him itch a bit less.

Very helpful!

My dog SPANKY is 14yrs. old & waiting to be seen by his vet to get a lump removed on his leg. He keeps wanting to lick it all the time and with taking dope dropper each morning & afternoon he is very calm & leaves it alone! I couldnt ask for a better product!


Extremely satisfied with the small improvements we have seen so far. Excited to continue use to see if it continues to help