How Does CBD Work?

January 26, 2024
How Does CBD Work?
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Using CBD Topicals

If you’ve found yourself here reading this post, you are probably wondering what in the world a topical is. Well, in short, a topical is a substance applied directly to the skin that provides medical benefits. A topical is typically a lotion, cream, or salve containing pain and inflammation relieving properties.  Have you ever used Icy Hot? Then you know what a topical is. Icy Hot is pretty good stuff, but it doesn’t even begin to compare to some of the topicals you’ll find on the CBD market. CBD topicals provide unrivaled natural relief. CBD topicals are great for all types of pain, from runner’s knee and sore backs to long-term arthritis. Unless it’s heartache, a CBD topical can be the solution to any localized and specific pains. Whether you have a sore back from sitting at the office all day or you tweaked something at the gym, CBD lotions can bring relief to even the most burdensome injuries.

What is a CBD Topical?

Icy Hot became a household name for pain relief because it works. People can buy Icy Hot, take it home and see for themselves how it works. This reliable at-home test won over America, and a brand was born. CBD infused topicals make believers out of skeptics and reliably make the reefer madness generation think twice about what they were sold as facts.  Lotions, moisturizers, salves, creams, roll-ons, all of these types of topicals can be made with CBD – adding to their effectiveness exponentially. Natural, powerful, and lasting relief from even the deepest aches and pains, CBD infused topicals are one of the most reliable tools for the relief of localized pain and inflammation. Testimonial after testimonial from patients with everything from old war wounds to arthritis back up the continually growing hype around CBD topicals.

Why Use a CBD Topical?

Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, Bengay, all of these go-to pain relievers contain methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is not the most deadly thing in the world, but it is toxic all the same. CBD offers a natural alternative that is both safer and more powerful than these over the counter medicines. The nature of CBD and its pain relieving properties make it a plausible alternative for prescribed opiate users. CBD topicals have the potential to help everyone from the twenty-something struggling with opiate addiction to your grandmother dealing with arthritis. Infused topicals potential to be a safe, natural, powerful replacement for the majority of pain medications is criminally underrated. Opioids have a host of associated issues, but it is their fatal potential that is so damning. CBD nourishes the endocannabinoid system and allows the body to naturally shut down the inflammation at the heart of the pain.  Google CBD topical for pain review – story after story from real people sharing the beneficial life-altering effects of CBD. It is difficult to put into words exactly how effective CBD topicals are which is why you really have to try them for yourself. Once you experience the effects of an infused topical for yourself, you’ll understand the hype around this new phenomena.

How CBD Topicals Work

Pain is a neurological response from the body triggering a number of functions, the feeling that draws your attention being just one of them. There are two types of pain, acute and chronic.  For acute pains such as stubbing your toe, your brain wants you to protect yourself, so signals of distress are sent from the afflicted area. The afflicted area becomes temporarily inflamed as the body works to defend itself.  Chronic pains occur when the body loses control of its inflammation response, and things get a bit out of control. Chronic inflammation can result in some diseases, but the one that affects the largest number of people is arthritis. Arthritis is the result of chronic inflammation around specific joints making it painful to move them.  In both types of pain inflammation is the source of suffering. Inflammation being the source of pain is precisely why CBD is so effective at fighting it. We dive more into CBD and inflammation in our blog, but ultimately CBD encourages the body to slow down and even stop its inflammation response altogether. CBD topicals are particularly effective because of their ability to provide potent pain relief to localized areas. Be it back pain or arthritis, rubbing a CBD topical on the affected area has profound effects. No harmful chemicals, no addictive properties, just natural relief from a plant you can trust – Hemp.

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