What Are The Best CBD Products For Winter?

January 26, 2024
What Are The Best CBD Products For Winter?
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Written by Casco Bay Hemp


Winter is a unique season that presents its own set of unique physical challenges. It’s cold. It’s dry. And if you like to play outside during the winter, the physical consequences are high.

Skiing, snowboarding, and hiking in the snow all present particular challenges. And if you get banged up doing any of them?

You’re going to be sore. And even if you stay safe on the slopes or in the woods, moving in the snow is exhausting.

Chances are you’re going to be sore whether you wiped out or just had a regular safe day outdoors. Luckily, CBD can help you with all of the challenges winter creates.

Keep reading to find out what the best CBD products are for the winter!

CBD For Chapped Lips and Dry Skin

Are you tired of your lips peeling and your skin cracking? Who isn’t?

If you’ve reached the breaking point of dry winter skin, and you’d like a solution to painful dryness, there’s a CBD product for you.

Want to get rid of your cracking, peeling lips? Look no further than CBD salve (and if you’re over the aches and pains of winter, this strong CBD salve can do double duty for you too).

Skim some CBD salve off the top when your lips are drying out, rub it on like any other lip balm, and let the CBD work its magic. It will soak deep into your lips, healing them from the inside out and the outside in, at the same time.

Are you having issues with dry skin instead? CBD lotion is the solution you’re looking for!

Lavender, lavender lemongrass, bergamot grapefruit, or unscented options are all available and will all avail you of the painful skin problems of winter.

No matter which scent you choose, these lotions are loaded with ingredients that heal and support your skin. They’ll keep it hydrated and supple to prevent cracking, and painful (and embarrassing) bleeding.

Ease Your Aches and Pains With CBD Muscle Rubs

To make the most of winter, you’ve gotta do something physical. Getting outside and playing, one or another, is the only way for us in the northern part of the country to get through what can be a long and dreary season.

I suspect it’s the same in other parts of the country as well.

But, there is ample opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy what the winter world has to offer. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice skating, and more are all ways you can enjoy winter outdoors.

And they’re all ways which are likely to make you sore.

But fear not! CBD is here to help you heal-up from the things that let you get through winter.

CBD muscle rubs are the perfect night-cap to a day of physically demanding outdoor activities. As sore as you may be after a day outside, muscle rubs provide the solution.

They’re packed with lidocaine, menthol, and of course CBD. This powerful trio reduces pain, lowes inflammation, and flushes toxins like lactic acid out of your body.

Rub or roll some CBD muscle rub onto any area that’s sore, and wake up the next day feeling invigorated and ready to head outside again. It’s really the only way to have a worthwhile winter.

Cold Outside? Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

When the temps hang low outside, it’s time to fill the bathtub and sink into the hot water for a soak. Warming yourself to the bone will help you combat bone-chilling temperatures for the remainder of this winter.

And if you’re going to spend an hour or two in the tub, you may as well get some CBD into the system too.

CBD bath bombs are the perfect way to soak some CBD into your body.

They’re packed with 100mg of CBD, an ample amount of CBD to have you feeling fine.

Don’t need that much to feel blissed out?

Cut your bomb in half and get two baths from one bomb. 50mg can still be more than enough to get the job done.

Don’t let the drab weather get you down. CBD is the perfect antidote for the longest season of the year. Especially when it feels like it’s dragging on longer and longer.

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