Why Should You Use CBD?

January 26, 2024
Why Should You Use CBD?
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CBD has become increasingly popular over the past few years as people discover its many benefits.

It can be relaxing and soothing, or refreshing and energizing depending on the type you get. CBD manufacturing produces several methods of consumption, like CBD oil or CBD raw material. Whatever your needs are, CBD can help. Here are just a few of its benefits so you can determine if CBD is right for you.

Aid Mental Health

According to a study done by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, many people struggling with anxiety and depression found relief from their symptoms after using CBD. These studies found that 300 mg was the best dosage.

There was also a small study done in 2019 that tested the effects of CBD on PTSD patients, according to Healthline. This study found CBD to be very effective at relieving symptoms, particularly nightmares.

Many studies are currently being run on patients with mental health disorders to see the effects of CBD, so new information is constantly being released. It’s important to discuss the use of CBD with your doctor, as it isn’t meant to replace pharmaceutical drugs, and may interact with other medications.

Sleep Better

According to the Sleep Foundation, preliminary CBD research has shown that it may positively affect sleep patterns. This is especially useful to people who suffer from sleep disorders. CBD research is still in its infancy, but scientists are getting promising results. So far, the results of testing CBD as a sleep aid have been mixed because people react differently to different dosages.

Relieve Chronic Pain

CBD research has shown that people with chronic pain are experiencing relief by using CBD. In fact, 97% of cannabis users said they primarily took CBD to relieve chronic pain, according to CannaInsider. Studies presented by the Arthritis Foundation have found that CBD oil can reduce inflammation that causes joint pain, and several patients reported significant pain relief. However, it’s important to mention that CBD can interact with certain arthritis medications, so you should talk to your doctor before you decide to try it.

Many people have been testing out how CBD can help them in recent years. There are many forms you can use CBD in, whether it’s CBD oil or hemp candy. If you’re curious about trying CBD to see what benefits it can offer you, check out the extensive selection of products at Casco Bay Hemp today.

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