The Best CBD Products for Energy and Focus

January 26, 2024
The Best CBD Products for Energy and Focus
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Written by Michael Wright


Given CBD’s well-known calming properties, it seems a bit counterintuitive to use CBD oil for energy products. Wouldn’t the CBD make you sluggish or lethargic? You might think so, but you’d be wrong. In fact, CBD makes a wonderful addition to energy-based products, such as wake-up pills or multivitamin gummies. While your product might contain ingredients, like CBG or caffeine, to boost your energy, additional CBD serves to calm the mind and gives you laser focus to accompany that energy.

CBD energy-based products are great for morning health supplements and for a pre-workout boost. In a moment, we’ll explore some of the best CBD products for energy and focus. But first, let’s take a closer look at this fascinating hemp compound.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound produced by the cannabis plant. The CBD oil used in our products comes from a type of cannabis called hempCannabidiol (that’s CBD’s full name) belongs to a group of over a hundred such compounds, called cannabinoids. These include CBD, CBNCBC, and THC. THC, as you may know, is the intoxicating cannabinoid found in large quantities in marijuana. Hemp, however, only contains low, non-intoxicating levels of THC (less than 0.3%, by law). CBD itself is non-intoxicating, as well. 

So, to be clear, hemp-derived CBD products — such as the products on this site — will not get you high. These are wellness products, formulated to benefit your mind and body. But how does CBD deliver those benefits?

How Does It Work?

The human body (like the bodies of all vertebrate animals) creates its own cannabinoids, which are called endocannabinoids. These are part of an endocannabinoid system, which is interconnected with various organs and systems throughout the body, supporting them and helping them to maintain homeostasis, or balance. This interaction helps the body to regulate such crucial functions as mood, sleep, motor control, appetite, pain and stress processing, memory, immune function, and more.

When CBD and other cannabinoids are introduced into the body, they mimic the body’s own endocannabinoids, helping to maintain homeostasis and regulate the aforementioned functions in various organs and systems, including the central and peripheral nervous systems. This produces a wealth of health benefits, and it’s the primary reason why CBD has become such a popular wellness supplement, with CBD products now available in a wide variety of forms, ranging from CBD tinctures and CBD creams to CBD vape pens and even CBD for dogs.**

Why Use CBD in an Energy Product?

You’ll notice that some of the functions we mentioned had to do with calming the body down. Sleep, stress, and mood all rely on your body being able to regulate itself. CBD’s calming properties help achieve that. 

Now, think about how a typical energy product works. It gets the heart pumping faster, maybe even giving your nerves a bit of the jitters in the process. CBD can calm those nerves and allow you to focus all of that mental energy and be more productive as you go about your day. And if you’re taking pre-workout CBD for energy, it can help you stay on track with your exercise goals.

Energy without focus can be counterproductive. But using CBD for energy-boosting products solves that problem by providing laser focus, helping you make the most of your day.**

Top CBD Products: CBD for Energy & Focus

We have multiple CBD products designed to deliver focus and energy. Each of these products contains CBD derived from organic hemp oil and effective, natural ingredients designed to maximize your experience. With CBDfx, you always get the best of the best in hemp-derived CBD products.

Our focus-blend gummies combine calming CBD with the potent nootropic, phosphatidylserine (better known as “sharp PS”), to deliver powerful mental sharpness.** And with 50mg of extended-release caffeine per serving, you get long-lasting energy. If you ever wanted a gummy to help you seize the day, this is it!

CBD + CBG Morning Capsules

Wake up, shake off the sleep, and get going with your day with CBD + CBG Morning Capsules. These energy-boosting CBD pills contain time-released caffeine to keep you powered up throughout your day, as well 30 mg CBD, 30 mg cannabigerol, and added terpenes for laser focus. Beyond these focus hemp compounds, our CBD Morning Capsules also contain L-tyrosine, which not only delivers its own focus effects, but also strong antioxidant benefits. These CBD capsules are perfect for daily use or as a pre-workout supplement.**

CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture

Our Wellness CBD oil drops also deliver the one-two punch of calming CBD and energizing cannabigerol in a powerful, wellness-boosting tincture. This organic CBD oil product also contains the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, curcumin and coenzyme Q10. CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture is a great CBD oil to start your day, not only delivering focus and energy, but also an overall boost to your immune system.**

Focus Mushroom Energy Drops

CBDfx has been a leader in the CBD industry since 2014 for a number of reasons, among them is the company’s commitment to experimenting with new formulas to better serve our customers. Last year, we introduced a groundbreaking line of oil tinctures that combined broad spectrum CBD with adaptogenic and nootropic mushrooms. Adaptogenic mushrooms help the mind and body process stress, along with other healthy benefits. Nootropic mushrooms are brain boosters, delivering several mental benefits.

Our Focus Mushroom Energy Drops contain CBD oil with added cannabigerol, plus three potent mushrooms: cordyceps for energy, lion’s mane for stress, and chaga for immunity. This organic mushroom hemp oil delivers a mental boost, as well as a wealth of CBD wellness benefits — a perfect start to any day.**

CBD Gummies With Turmeric & Spirulina

Most folks take our CBD Gummies With Turmeric and Spirulina for the combination of CBD wellness benefits and the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the powerful superfoods, turmeric and spirulina. But turmeric can also lessen fatigue levels and give you a solid boost to your overall energy. And spirulina contains the polysaccharides, rhamnose and glycogen, as well as the essential fat, CLA, that can help in energy release. The result is a CBD product that delivers wellness, energy, and focus, making it a great health supplement for any morning regimen.**

Microdose THC Capsules

We’re going to lean on the focus aspect here, for those who already have more nervous energy than they need. THC certainly can be intoxicating if taken in large enough doses. But microdosing THC can deliver a ton of wellness and calming benefits without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Our Microdose THC Capsules contain full spectrum CBD, as well as 2.5mg of hemp-derived THC per serving — perfect for settling the nerves and helping you be your best you throughout the day.**

Final Thoughts on CBD Energy Boost Products

There are plenty of products out there designed to give you an energy boost. But many of those products are packed with sugars and other ingredients that will make your heart beat like a hummingbird’s and rattle your nerves, as well. It’s key to find a product that delivers focus along with that energy, as well as natural ingredients that are good for your overall health.

Our focus and energy CBD products contain organic hemp CBD and all-natural ingredients, designed to promote wellness and power you up for any long day or grueling workout. Take advantage of CBD’s powerful focus benefits and make every day your best day ever.

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