Exploring the Benefits of Using CBD Topicals

December 04, 2023
Exploring the Benefits of Using CBD Topicals
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Despite the number of skeptics predicting CBD sales would diminish over time, consumer interest remains strong, so strong that market analysts predicted 35% of US adults would be CBD users by 20245. Could the actual numbers be even higher? We'll know soon enough. Until then, there have been several other conversation-worthy CBD-related reports making the rounds.   

Apparently, the North American demand for CBD-infused creams, lotions, serums, and balms is at an all-time high3. With so many people exploring the benefits of topical application, there could be no better time to revisit the topic. If you've got a few minutes to spare, we'll explain how topicals work, their potential side effects, and why you may want to consider keeping one on hand. 

How Topicals Compare to Other CBD Product Types  

One of the many appealing features of hemp extract is its remarkable versatility. The cannabinoid-rich oil extracted from hemp flower is used to make an impressive number of appealing products that work in different ways. Consider the differences between edibles and topicals, for example. 

When you swallow CBD, the cannabinoids circulating in your bloodstream interact with multiple molecular targets, including your endocannabinoid system receptors (ECS). As the largest regulatory system in your body, ECS function is involved in everything from emotional regulation and memory to sleep cycle regulation and the perception of pleasure and pain. 

Based on decades of study, cannabis researchers believe CBD's impact on ECS receptors helps support homeostasis8. The active components in CBD-infused topicals work differently. Instead of the cannabinoids circulating in your bloodstream, they're applied to the surface of your skin. That means CBD enthusiasts have the option of using topicals on their own or to complement the effects of their favorite CBD oil tinctures, capsules, drink mixes, or gummies. 

Exploring Possible Benefits & Product Types  

There are many reasons to consider investing in the health and wellness potential of CBD. Based on a 2019 CBDistillery® survey of 1,900 customers, most CBD users report positive results using our hemp-derived tinctures, topicals, softgels, and gummies for relaxation, better sleep, mild or temporary anxiety, and pain, stiffness, and inflammation after physical activity. 

With CBD topicals, you're using a product applied exactly where you need it most. But not all CBD topicals are formulated for the same purpose. Some are made with ingredients selected to support CBD's impact on overworked joints and muscles; others are made with ingredients better suited for your skincare routine. As you're browsing product options, you'll typically find they're made with one of the following types of hemp extract. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract  

Full spectrum hemp extract contains all the antioxidant vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids nature intended, including a small amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)4. It's considered the more potent option because of the way the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to produce what’s known as the "entourage effect”7. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract  

Broad Spectrum hemp extract has many of the same cannabinoids and terpenes as full spectrum, but the THC is reduced to non-detectable levels through a process called chromatography1. Broad spectrum CBD gives you the potency-maximizing potential of an entourage effect, but some people feel the impact is somewhat diminished without the THC10. 

CBD Isolate Powder  

CBD isolate is a flavorless, odorless powder. You won't have the plant components needed for an entourage effect, but that's okay. In a 2020 publication, researchers specified that most of the positive effects detailed in their investigation were based on data reporting the "pure form" of CBD administered through a variety of methods6. 

Reviewing the Possible Side Effects of Topical Application  

CBD is generally well-tolerated and safe for most people. Although the World Health Organization found "no evidence of public health-related problems"9, some people find that oral administration can cause fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, or changes in appetite2. The cannabinoid can also interact with several medications. 

With topical application, the risk of side effects and medication interactions is even lower because the cannabinoid is not absorbed into your bloodstream. However, if you're sensitive (or allergic) to any of the ingredients used to make your CBD topical, unpleasant skin reactions, including itching, burning, or redness, are possible. Consult your healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns. 

Product Recommendations: The Targeted Relief of CBDistillery® CBD Topicals  

The purity and potency of every CBD product you select matters. The best hemp-derived CBD topicals are made with the oil extracted from the flowers of non-GMO, naturally farmed crops and 100% clean ingredients. When you choose CBDistillery® topicals, you'll get that and more. We rely on the cleanest extraction methods available, and every product we offer is rigorously tested, Leaping Bunny certified, and backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We recommend trying one of the following topicals. 

CBDistillery® oooh distilled™ 500mg CBD Balm  

When a productive workout, a busy day on the job, or any other strenuous activity leaves you feeling stiff or sore, try CBDistillery® oooh distilled™ CBD Balm for soothing relief. Each jar gives you 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and a proprietary blend of ingredients selected by our expert botanists. As the CBD, wintergreen, and eucalyptus soothe your body, the coconut oil and shea butter seal in moisture and help nourish distressed skin.   

CBDistillery® oooh distilled™ CBD Relief Stick  

If you're concerned about smelling like hemp, try CBDistillery® oooh distilled™ CBD Relief Stick for targeted relief. It's 1000mg strong and has a no-mess applicator ideal for stashing in your gym bag. Non-greasy and infused with cooling menthol, you can use the topical to ease muscle tension or activity-induced discomfort before, during, or after your workout. 

To Learn More, Visit CBDistillery® 

You know your body better than anyone. If pain, stiffness, or discomfort after physical activity are disrupting your day or keeping you from getting the rest you need to recover, consider trying one of our high-quality CBD topicals. They're great for delivering soothing, targeted relief where you need it most. 

If you're intrigued by what you've learned so far but not quite sure which product options would be the best fit for your needs, consider taking our 3-minute CBD Product Quiz or scheduling a personal consultation. In our 2019 survey, most respondents reported achieving their best results using their favorite CBDistillery® products within 7-14 days of consistent use. 


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