Melted CBD Gummies? Here's What You Can Do

December 06, 2023
Melted CBD Gummies? Here's What You Can Do
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Gummies are a fan favorite throughout the cannabis industry, and it’s no secret as to why. That soft and chewy texture, the warm sweet flavor, and the simple delight of enjoying a well-deserved treat once a day…all reasons that launch gummies to the top of the consumer’s preferred way to enjoy CBD. The love for the sugar-dusted sweets may tempt some consumers to bring them wherever they go, but may occasionally be left in vehicles, bags, pockets, etc.

This can pose a problem if you accidentally forget about your gummies and they are exposed to heat (sunlight, heaters, body heat). The once-perfect gummies are now all melted into one unrecognizable shape and you throw up your hands in frustration and annoyance. Most cannabis consumers will attest to this unfortunate occurrence (don’t worry, we’ve done it too) and are left wondering what to do with the solidified mass. That’s what we’re here for! Keep reading to see what you can do with melted gummies as well as how to prevent it in the future.

At What Temperature Will Gummies Melt?

Gummies and many other edibles (chocolates, hard candies, etc.) have a melting point of about 90 °F / 32 °C. If the edibles are exposed to this temperature, you’ll start to notice the melting process begin. If the temperature passes this threshold, the melting process progresses much quicker. This is quite common for gummies left in a confined space (such as a bag or car) since the temperature is typically much hotter on the inside. The amount of time the gummies are left inside said space can affect the texture as well. If the temperature outside is only 80% but inside your car or bag is 90%, leaving the gummies inside for longer than 15 minutes can have disastrous results.

Can I Still Eat Melted Gummies?

You might be contemplating eating sections of the gummies that have melted together into one sticky mass, and technically, there’s nothing wrong with that. Food safety guidelines suggest that even if the gummies are deformed, they’re not automatically unfit for consumption. However, the problem lies in consistent dosages, which we’ll get into shortly. As long as the gummies haven’t been melted and cooled repetitively, common sense suggests that they’re still safe to eat. If the gummies have been left long forgotten and only recently discovered, it’s strongly recommended that the offending gooey mass be discarded completely.

Is The Potency Affected?

The potency of the CBD within the gummies won’t change, even if it’s been subjected to summer heat for a few hours. In fact, the vaporization of CBD only happens at oven-like temperatures of 300°F+. You most likely won’t ever get to that point unless you’ve left the gummies in severe heat for a prolonged period of time (weeks or months!). At that point, you’ve got a lot more to worry about than just cannabinoid degradation and it’s probably best to throw the congealed mess in the trash. The real problem lies within how to accurately consume the recommended dosage since the singular pieces are now unintentionally fused together.

What Happens With The Dosage?

Dosage for gummies is a tricky thing, but it gets a tad more complicated when the gummies are all melted together. For example, a single square shaped piece may have 20 mg of CBD as a single dosage. However, if the entire package of gummies has fused together, you’ll probably have a tough time trying to figure out exactly how much to carve off to get that same dose. While the total amount in the container won’t change, it might be intimidating to figure out exactly how much to consume.

If you’re not ready to throw away the sticky blob just yet, consider purchasing gelatin molds to re-melt and re-shape your gummies. You can also cut the blob into sizes similar to what they were prior to melting. Additionally, if you know the amount remaining in the container before the gummies fused together, you may be able to cut all the pieces into that same number. This might be a better way to ensure you’re getting the recommended serving size without as much guesswork. Just keep in mind that the more pieces that melted, the more likely it is that you’ll have uneven distribution dosages in the pieces.

If you do decide to tackle the challenge of eating sections of the melted blob, proceed with caution and common sense. If the gummies had low amounts of THC in them or any other psychoactive cannabinoid, eating the entire mass may result in unwanted side effects. You may feel disoriented, uncomfortable, paranoid, dizzy, drowsy, thirsty, hungry, and much more. Even a small piece of the gummy blob may contain a large amount of CBD in them, whereas others may have little to none. Start off with a small piece and wait an appropriate amount of time (at least 2-3 hours) before consuming a second piece. For those who get the movie reference, you don’t want to experience a certain delayed reaction with “lemons” that will have you extremely uncomfortable.


Preventing “The Blob”

The phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true for gummies and other edibles prone to melting. While there are options to help ensure your gummies and edibles stay in their original form, here’s some scenarios where you may find your gummies in an unfortunate glommed state.

Your Gummies Arrived Melted

If you order any type of edibles in the blistering heat of summer months, there’s a chance that the gummies will arrive already melted and fused together into one sticky mess. Granted, this won’t always happen but why take that chance? In the case that the shipper won’t take responsibility, you may be stuck holding the bag of a sticky gooey mess.

Solution: While manufacturer’s will do their best to prevent melting during transportation, you might want to stock up in the cooler months like autumn or spring. Alternatively, you can choose products that won’t melt (vape cartridges, tinctures, softgels, CBD vape juice, etc.)

You Left Your Gummies In Your Car

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually quite common to leave your gummies in your car. Whether you tossed your gummies into your purse or bookbag and rushed off to work, forgot to take them out of the shipping packaging when you get home, or simply forgot they were there. Any time spent in a hot car or in direct sunlight will turn your treats into a gelatinous mess!

Solution: Store your gummies in a cool dark place, such a cabinet or pantry that’s out of reach from young hands or inquisitive muzzles. While you can store gummies in the fridge, be warned that they may get a tad too firm and may perspire once they reach room temperature.

You Brought The Whole Container

Unless you’re planning on sharing your gummies with a very large number of people, you probably don’t need to bring the entire container with you wherever you go. Most gummies and edibles come in a 20- or 30-count jar or bag, meaning that the likelihood of ruining the whole container is quite likely.

Solution: Only bring what you need for the day/night. If you’re sharing with a friend, bring four pieces at most. Toss the gummies into an airtight container or individually wrap them to protect from moisture or melting into one solid blob. That way, if they do accidentally melt, you won’t lose out on the entire container.


Melted gummies, while extremely frustrating, aren’t the end of the world. They are typically still safe to consume, provided you figure out the correct amount and start off slowly. Sometimes gummies can arrive already melted upon delivery or can be the result of carelessness on a hot summer day. Unless the gummies are left unattended for prolonged periods of time, the potency won’t be affected. If you’re trying to be responsible and salvage what you can, try cutting off similar size pieces as what you had before they all melted together. Be sure to store gummies properly and avoid certain situations if you want to prevent this from happening again.

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