Self Care & Wellness Tips

February 15, 2024
Self Care & Wellness Tips
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1. Take A Bubble Bath

Time to suds up and hop in the tub! Bubble baths aren’t just for kids anymore. Grab a book and settle in – not only are baths soothing, but they can also help you fall asleep faster and relieve your muscle pain. Additionally, a bath gives you a chance to unwind from stressful days and think about ways to reduce stress.

2. Get A Massage

You don’t have to have sore muscles to take advantage of this self-care tip. If you have a desk job, you likely hold tension in your neck and shoulders that you haven’t even noticed – and those who work in manual labor may deal with even more serious injuries. Seeing a licensed massage therapist will leave you feeling ready to tackle the day.

3. Go To Bed Early

We know it’s difficult to turn off Netflix and get to sleep but turning in early for the night is an investment in your health that’ll make you feel better. If you have trouble sleeping at night or just want more restful sleep, try our CBD Sleep Gummies. This product is great for relaxation and feeling recharged.

4. Stretch When You Wake Up

When the alarm goes off, it’s tempting to hit the snooze button – but staying in bed until the last minute can seriously derail your day. Instead of feeling rushed in the morning, take any extra time to practice basic yoga poses. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to use CBD Pain Freeze on any sore or tight muscles.

5. Get A Pedicure

Pedicures aren’t just for women. Even if you don’t want to have your nails painted, grooming your nails is a good idea. Not only is it relaxing to spoil yourself, but you’ll also keep your fingers and toes healthy.

6. Write In A Journal

You don’t have to start every entry with “Dear Diary,” but writing in a journal is an easy way to keep track of how you’re feeling and productively process your emotions. Like most of our self-care tips, this one focuses on giving you something to do that won’t leave you feeling burnt out.

7. Light A Candle

Smell has a profound effect on your mental state– think about how certain aromas can bring back memories, good or bad. Set yourself up for a stress-free day by lighting a candle at home or in your office. Pick a calming scent, like eucalyptus or lavender, and allow the candle to calm you.

 8. Take Yourself On A Date

Table for one, please! That’s right – you don’t need anyone else to have a good time. Pick a restaurant you like and have dinner by yourself or see a flick alone. While this may seem like a scary idea, it’s a great way to learn to enjoy your own company.

9. Watch Something Funny

Commit to watching at least one movie this month that’ll make you laugh until you cry. Laughter releases endorphins and can improve your overall state of mind short-term – and leave you feeling happier in the long run.

10. Compliment Yourself Every Morning

Don’t worry about seeming conceited. We’re often our own worst critics and complimenting yourself is a way to get out of a negative feedback cycle. Look in the mirror before you leave the house – do you have a great outfit on today? Maybe your hair looks good. Flatter yourself before you start your day, and you may find yourself feeling less critical.

11. Pet A Dog

Therapy dogs exist for a reason: research has shown that petting a dog could improve your health. If you don’t have a pooch of your own, make sure you ask a stranger before you approach their pet – some dogs are wary of unfamiliar people.

12. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea feels like a hug on a cold day, and it’s been shown to have natural calming properties. Heating up a cup before bed will help you relax and sleep faster. Self-care tip: Add two drops of peppermint CBD Oil for an even more serene experience. Anything that makes you feel less stressed and balanced is self-care – so explore what works for you during National Wellness Month. If you're not a big fan of tea or CBD Oil, our CBD Gummies are also an easy, fun way to get your daily serving of CBD. Whether you choose CBD Oil, Hemp Gummies or one of our other premium CBD products, you can rest assured you're getting high-quality ingredients and the calm and relaxation you expect from Hemp Bombs.

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