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Willie’s Remedy™ is inspired by the life and journey of American music legend Willie Nelson and represents more than just a collection of high-quality CBD products. It’s a testament to Willie’s deep understanding and appreciation of the plant that he cherishes. His role as Chief Tasting Officer isn’t just a title—it signifies his active involvement in the selection of the finest-quality CBD offerings.

Each product under the Willie’s Remedy™ banner is a result of meticulous evaluations, ensuring that only the best of the best make the cut.  We believe in harnessing the power of nature, which is why we insist on organic growing practices for the hemp we use in our products.

Willie’s Remedy™ is more than about quality products – it’s about upholding the values that Willie Nelson and his family hold dear. Our operations reflect our commitment to farmers, ensuring their hard work and expertise are recognized and rewarded. And we are equally passionate about environmental stewardship, acknowledging our responsibility to the earth that generously provides us with our ingredients.

When you choose Willie’s Remedy™, you’re not just selecting a CBD product, you’re aligning with a brand that stands for quality, integrity, and respect for nature and tradition—principles embodied by the American music legend himself, Willie Nelson.



So, what makes Willie’s Remedy™ stand out? It’s the commitment to quality, consistency, and convenience. Each batch of tincture and every cup of hemp-infused coffee are expertly crafted to ensure you reap the full benefits of the hemp plant. But it’s not just about infusing products with hemp; it’s about doing it the right way.

When you choose Willie’s Remedy™, you’re choosing a brand that believes in harnessing nature’s healing power without any unnecessary additives or processes. We’ve ensured our coffees and teas undergo minimal processing to retain the plant’s original composition, resulting in a product that is as close to nature as possible.

Furthermore, Willie and Annie’s daily use of these products is a testament to their belief in the brand’s ethos. Their personal experience with the effects of hemp-infused products fuels their passion for making plant-powered wellness accessible to all. The beauty of Willie’s Remedy™ lies in its simplicity: infusing everyday products with the wellness benefits of hemp, thereby encouraging a healthier lifestyle without the need for drastic changes. Trust Willie’s Remedy™ – your partner in wellness, powered by nature.



At Willie’s Remedy™, we go beyond the usual to ensure that we provide hemp of the highest quality. Our deep-rooted ethos is a tribute to the tireless American farmers, a belief that was instilled by our founder, Willie Nelson. Willie’s immense respect and admiration for these hardworking individuals has led him to establish Farm Aid, an initiative designed to highlight the essential connection between consumers, sustenance, and the hardworking farmers who keep our plates filled.

We uphold this principle by directly supporting farmers through our purchases, an act that not only embodies Willie’s mission but also enables us to procure the best quality hemp available. Rather than growing our own hemp, we focus on enriching our relationships within our extensive network of farmers. This strategic choice allows us to carefully select and offer only the most superior quality of hemp. By placing your trust in Willie’s Remedy™, you are endorsing the unparalleled excellence of American farming and supporting the valuable contributions of its hardworking farmers.

Willie’s Remedy™ offers a complete line of infused coffees and teas, hemp-oil tinctures and balm, all crafted to help you make the most of—and get on with—your own legendary life.